about a girl

My name is Meagan and I'm 21 years old. I'm still trying to figure myself out and find who I want to be I'm a college drop out and I'm not ashamed to admit it I'm not exactly proud of it either. I like being open and honest. I am also an easy person to talk to. I love to laugh and I love making people laugh. I try not to be too serious all the time life is too short for all that. I've made a lot of mistakes but who hasn't. I'm also very random and a little crazy but that's what makes me special I guess. There's only one way to get to know me better just ask. :)



Unconditional Love

These words may be completely unknown to most people but not me. I once had a wonderful grandma that showed me the meaning of unconditional love. Day after day she went out of her way to show me just how wonderful and special I was and made me truly believe it. Since she’s been gone I feel like I forgot who I am. I remember she used to have a giant cup filled with sweet tea that I would sneak sips from but now, tea just doesn’t taste the same anymore. I can’t drink a cherry coke without thinking of her because it was her favorite drink. I remember her letting me stay up late to watch the late show with her and how every Sunday we watched Dirty Dancing together. How nascar was her favorite thing to watch and even if she fell asleep watching it she’d wake up just to tell us not to change it. I remember watching ice skating on tv and her letting me pretend to be a beautiful ice skater. I remember if I made fun of my brother how she would make me write lines. Which also taught me how to spell exceptionally well. I remember how she loved to read. I still remember the deafening silence of the house without her laughter. I still miss everything about her, even the things I hated, even after all theses years. After a while you would think the pain gets easier, the hole in your heart gets smaller, but it doesn’t. I’m writing this down because I refuse to forget her. Her being gone has taught me to appreciate every tiny thing my own mother does for me. Maybe one day I will have my own children and grandchildren to pass this unconditional love on to and maybe they, too will pass it on and in a way she won’t be so easily forgotten and maybe she will have changed the world. 

The conversation my boyfriend had with his 3 year old niece

Ricky: ”Gabby eat your lunch so you can grow up and be big and strong. You do want to be big and strong don’t you?”

Gabby: "I can’t grow up."

Ricky: "You can’t grow up? Why not?"

Gabby: "Because daddy says so."

seriously I’m going nuts!

does anyone know how to make poses automatically snap together for the sims 3? I’m using blender 2.67 and i have pose set im making but i cant get my poses to snap in place automatically. please help!

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so i’m experimenting with making poses for the sims 3 and this is one of my favorites of my best friend and i. :)

This is why i love him…

"hey girlfriend, do you work tomorrow?"


"ugh! why!"

"i don’t know? because god hates me?"

"god doesn’t hate you. if he hated you, he wouldn’t have given you me"

*omg can you be any cheesier/cuter i just wanna fu-*

"yea he would have given you that other guy."

"what other guy?"

"you know the one that used to shake your arm to make your tits jiggle?"

"oh you mean **?"

"yea! **! if god really hated you he would have stuck you with **."

The Reason

I can’t watch Pretty Little Liars with my boyfriend anymore is because when I see

I’m all

I hate it when

I wake up feeling like this

and then realizing I look like this

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hahaha just missing my best frann and watching some scary movies with my boy frann! what are you up to?

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